Mission Statement

The mission of Explore Fairbanks is to be an economic driver in the Fairbanks region by marketing to potential visitors and optimizing the visitor experience.

Long-Term Strategic Priorities

  • Establish a strong brand identity for the Fairbanks region.
  • Focus marketing efforts on markets defined by Alaska tourism as well as opportunity markets specific to the Fairbanks region.
  • Focus efforts on stimulating year-round visitor spending.
  • Provide leadership and serve as a catalyst for strategic product development and infrastructure improvement.
  • Advocate on behalf of the travel industry for the benefit of the Fairbanks region.

Vision Statement

We sell Fairbanks! While building a marketing machine that maximizes exposure of Fairbanks in existing markets and cultivates new markets, Explore Fairbanks is the number-one resource of visitor information for our destination. We bring people to Fairbanks with effective marketing based on reliable research data. We expand our marketing effectiveness to ensure the quality of our visitors’ experience by cooperating with the state, other convention and visitor bureaus and non-traditional partners.

Because we simultaneously enjoy and enhance our natural resources, our destination provides authentic Alaska for everyone. In our vibrant community, we encourage new destination features and envision a convention center that is fully utilized year round. Our neighbors and community leaders value a thriving visitor industry and provide broad-based, consistent and reliable financial support.

The quality of the services provided by Explore Fairbanks is second to none. Located in a world-class visitor center, we enjoy long-term commitments from staff and business partners who are very active in our operations.

As a result of our strategic focus and hard work, Fairbanks is widely recognized by travelers as the ultimate Alaskan experience and the destination that most characterizes Alaska. Everybody who travels to Alaska believes they must visit us, and because there are two Fairbanks, midnight sun and northern lights, everybody wants to see us at least twice. Since we serve as a base destination for an Alaska visit, we attract increasing numbers of visitors from around the world to Fairbanks all year round. Therefore, our business partners enjoy consistently high levels of occupancy and we measurably contribute to the economic prosperity of our community.