Aurora Viewing Locations

Aurora over Creamer's Field


You can see the northern lights from anywhere in Fairbanks. A favorite in-town location, Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge is 2,200-acre/8.9 km and is located 2 miles/3 km from Downtown Fairbanks. Creamer's offers wide open fields and wooded trails easily accessible on a well-maintained, paved road.

Aurora at Cleary Summit, Alaska

Cleary Summit 

Cleary Summit has an elevation of 2,233 ft/680 m and is located 20 miles/32 km from Fairbanks. It is a popular viewing area with multiple pull-outs. It is accessible but there are some very sharp turns and major elevation changes and in snowy conditions, an all-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicle is recommended.

Aurora over Chena Hot Springs Cabin

Chena River State Recreation Area

The Chena River State Recreation Area is accessed via Chena Hot Springs Road which starts 4 miles/6 km from Fairbanks and traverses 58 miles/93 km ending at Chena Hot Springs Resort. The area is generally accessible for 2-wheel drive vehicles but all-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicles are recommended especially in snowy conditions. Visitors should exercise caution as cell service can be spotty and moose are often in the area.

Aurora over Chena Lake (North Pole)

North Pole

Chena Lake Recreation Area is a 2,000-acre/8 km2 park located 17 miles/27 km from Fairbanks, just outside of the city of North Pole. The area offers lakes and trails easily accessible via well-maintained paved and gravel and dirt roads. In fall, the lake creates the opportunity to see and photograph beautiful reflective auroras.

Aurora over Murphy Dome

Murphy Dome

Murphy Dome is the highest point close to Fairbanks at 2,877 ft/877 m and is located 25 miles/40 km from Fairbanks. You will find an accessible high viewpoint but there are some sharp turns as well as major elevation changes and in snowy conditions, an all-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicle is recommended.

Aurora over Coldfoot


260 miles/418 km from Fairbanks via the Elliott and Dalton highways, Coldfoot is a tiny wilderness community. It is recommended visitors access Coldfoot via tours as the area is remote, cell service is spotty, the road can be rough, and there are very few services along the way. People often access Coldfoot by air. The road is primarily gravel and most car rental companies prohibit traveling the Dalton Highway.

Aurora Viewing Map

Aurora Viewing Locations near Fairbanks, Alaska