Travel Trade

From tour operators to travel agents, and from domestic to international markets, the Explore Fairbanks Tourism Department is here to help you with your travel professional needs and planning so that you and your clients can discover the best of what Fairbanks has to offer.

As a year-round destination, Fairbanks offers a wide variety of experiences and attractions, no matter the time of year. Summers are highlighted by the midnight sun shining nearly 24 hours a day. Aurora Season, from August 21 to April 21, gives visitors the opportunity to try and see the northern lights in one of the best places on earth to view them. Winter Season brings with it a host of other fascinating activities and events that take advantage of Fairbanks’ northern location.

Despite being the second-largest population center in Alaska, Fairbanks’ small-town hospitality and pioneer spirit will make the trip one to remember. Fairbanks offers amenities and adventure in a style that is truly authentic Alaska.

Explore the Travel Trade sections for more trip planning information, or contact the tourism department for suggestions based on you client’s specific area of interest.

Bill Wright

Director of Tourism and Meeting Sales

Bill markets Fairbanks as a destination to international and domestic tour operators, travel agents, airlines and other travel professionals, with an emphasis on the China, Taiwan and Australia markets. Bill also promotes the Fairbanks area as a convention, meetings, sports and incentive site to state, regional, national and international markets.

Tyler Chiles

Tourism Sales Manager

Tyler is involved in marketing programs targeting tour operators and travel agents with an emphasis on domestic markets, and assists with partnership retention and recruitment.

Ed Malen

Sales and Services Associate

Ed provides administrative support for and assists the Tourism and Meeting Sales Department in their tasks.