Arctic Hub

Fairbanks is the farthest north city in Alaska and the United States accessible by air, road and rail. This location provides Fairbanks with the most advantageous position to access, research, promote and support the Arctic. The University of Alaska Fairbanks is devoted to a wide variety of Arctic studies, including climactic change, engineering, construction and transportation. The regional military bases recognize the strategic location and singular environment the area offers. Visitors can easily take a tour north above the Arctic Circle by road or plane. Fairbanks is on the cutting edge of all things Arctic. There is no better destination for your Arctic-focused meeting or event than this community surrounded by the beauty on the 64th parallel.

Arctic Council 2017

The culmination of the US chairing of the Arctic Council is happening right here in Fairbanks during the Ministerial meeting in May. Be on the lookout for public events May 8-12 when this prestigious gathering is taking place.

Fairbanks as Arctic Hub
Fairbanks as an Arctic Hub
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