Explore the Area

Chase the aurora borealis, bask in the midnight sun, dive into pure wilderness. Listen to the call of the wild. The Fairbanks region is defined by wild places that awaken the spirit and nourish the soul. As the renowned naturalist John Muir said, “The sun shines not on us but in us. The rivers flow not past, but through us.” Locals embrace the natural world and have created a vibrant river city in the far north. With its gold rush roots, Alaska Native culture, delightful downtown and outstanding attractions and activities – Fairbanks is truly the “Golden Heart” of Alaska.

Fairbanks’ contemporary scene is flourishing. Murals, galleries, music and art of all kinds are vital to life in Fairbanks. Six breweries, four distilleries and an outstanding variety of restaurants, coffee shops, farmers markets and food trucks add flavor to the mix. Quintessentially Alaskan activities and attractions like gold panning, floating or snow machining on the Chena River, ice sculpting, dog mushing and baseball or golfing under the midnight sun all contribute to the sense of the place.

Fairbanks is also the perfect basecamp, offering a multitude of nearby adventures. Cross the Arctic Circle, take a day trip to see Denali National Park, or mount an expedition into a state or national park. Shadow remarkable wildlife, revel in the midnight sun, hike the tundra and boreal forests, view spectacular landscapes and linger outside with eyes turned towards the night sky to see the light of the northern lights.

Aurora Viewing

Nothing really prepares you for how awesome the aurora borealis is when you see it in person. For more than two hours, the sky is constantly changing, with bands and blurs of green, pink, and purple dancing across the canvas of stars.

-Jo Piazza,
Yahoo! Travel