Seasonal Explorations

Fall Colors PaintingIn the far north, seasons are exciting and different. Fall is incredibly beautiful yet brief, spring is joyful and quick and summer and winter are guaranteed: warm, sunny days during summer months and cold, snowy days during the winter. The traditional days that mark the beginning or end of a season are all but lost in the far north. Winter spans six months, summer starts in the middle of May and autumn starts in the middle of August. The midnight sun and the aurora borealis are two natural phenomenon that are fundamental to Fairbanks seasons. The Midnight Sun Season runs April 22 to August 20 and the Aurora Season, August 21 to April 21. The Aurora Season encompasses late summer, fall, winter and early spring and offers some of the best aurora viewing in the world.

The snow generally starts to fly in October and winter has settled in by October’s end.  The big thaw takes place in April, also known as “break up.” Summer-like weather comes with a rush and intensity and Fairbanks turns green practically overnight. This occurrence, known as “green-up,” usually happens in early May.

Starting in late August and continuing through late September, Alaska’s autumnal colors mesmerize those who make the journey north. Rolling hills of yellow complement the endless expanse of red and orange ground cover and green conifers. The sapphire countenance of Denali and winding alpine glaciers will have even the most well-traveled client standing in awe.

-Chris Batin,
TravelAge West