Explore Fairbanks President and CEO Deb Hickok announced today that Taiwan-based China Airlines will launch three charter flights from Taipei to Fairbanks beginning on December 4, a significant development in helping market Fairbanks as an aurora destination to the growing Greater China market.

The three flights will be on December 4, 8, and 12, and will all be direct from Taipei to Fairbanks. China Airlines will be operating A340 aircraft for the service, which have a capacity of close to 280 passengers. Charter group members will stay in Fairbanks for four nights and five days, participating in aurora-centered tour programs that are being sold by tour operators in Taiwan in partnership with local visitor industry businesses.

“We’re thrilled to have China Airlines launch this new service to Fairbanks,” said Hickok. “Direct air access is an important component of our success as a destination, especially when working with a rapidly expanding Greater China market. These charters combined with recent developments in year-round connectivity from Asia via both Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines boost Fairbanks accessibility to the China market.”

“Every year many people join aurora package tours in Taiwan, but most tours require connecting flights that waste much time. So we decided to plan a value-added, convenient product. China Airlines’ Aurora Express flies from Taiwan directly to Fairbanks and the flight will take just nine hours. The market has enthusiastically responded to this initiative with flights selling out in only two weeks. We are very grateful to have the chance to cooperate with Explore Fairbanks,” said Michel Lo, acting Vice President, China Airlines, Taipei.

“The Fairbanks International Airport is pleased to welcome China Airlines to our community,” said Angie Spear, acting airport manager of the Fairbanks International Airport. “We are grateful to China Airlines and look forward to sharing the beauty of Fairbanks and the State of Alaska with their passengers. “