The CC-PAC Project for downtown

Building a Fairbanks Convention Center and Performing Art Center for the future.

Explore Fairbanks (EF) continues to lead the effort to work closely with the Fairbanks Arts Association (FAA) to determine the feasibility of a co-located Convention and Performing Arts center (CC-PAC) on and adjacent to the existing Polaris site.

The Polaris building is a serious blight on the community. Driven by community action and City, Borough and Federal commitments to address this blight, EF and FAA together see an opportunity to create a major new civic asset in the downtown core. 

EF has engaged a multi-disciplined consultant team to do an additional review and independently evaluate the economic viability of a co-located CC-PAC project.

EF has also cultivated a diverse group of individuals to serve as a CC-PAC Steering Committee. Members have committed to sharing their relevant expertise, experience and advisory recommendations to support EF and the consultant team.

Anchored by the clear message that this project will only be supported by the EF Board of Directors if it makes economic sense, a highly collaborative and transparent process with stakeholders will be employed to shape and assess the sustainability of a CC-PAC project. 

The study is anticipated to be completed in the first quarter of 2018.