Here are a few production and catering resources to help keep your project on-time, on-schedule and on-budget while filming in Fairbanks and the surrounding areas.


Ronan P. Nagle- Ronan P. Nagle, Producer

Executive Producer/Creator of the popular “Storm Chasers” for Discovery (2006-2011) and the IMAX feature film “Tornado Alley”, the second highest grossing IMAX of all time, Nagle is currently working on "Ultimate Survival Alaska 3” a TV series on the National Geographic Channel. Having already successfully completed the first two seasons “Ultimate Survival Alaska”, “Ultimate Survival Alaska 2”, Nagle’s resume reveals his talent as well as his passion for adventure production. Other producer credits include “On the Road With Judas” a feature film that played in the competition selection at Sundance in 2007. Nagle received his Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California in Los Angeles and his Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California in Santa Barbara. Nagle has surveyed much of Alaska and is a wealth of knowledge about how to film in the far north.

Maya Salganek- Maya Salganek, Director of the University of Alaska Film Program and an Assistant Professor of Film/Video Arts

Maya Salganek is the Director of the University of Alaska Film Program and an Assistant Professor of Film/Video Arts. Maya has been active with the UAF theatre department since 2001 she teaches a variety of courses and won the Interior Alaska Mayors’ Award for Arts and Leadership in 2012. Her courses include, "Previsualization and Pre-Production for Film", "Let's Make a Movie", "Fundamentals of Film Directing", "Movies and Film", Advanced Film Directing", and "Cross-Cultural Filmmaking".  Feature-Film production credits include co-Producer for Chronic Town (2008) featured at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, Associate Producer for  Dear Lemon Lima (2009), Producer for Alaskaland (2011)  Director of Photography for The Messenger, and executive producer of Mining for Ruby (2013).  The publication "Field Techniques for Sea Ice Research" manual and multimedia DVD features the video work of Salganek and her students. A long time Alaskan resident Salganek has a deep understanding of the cultural and natural history that defines Alaska.

Dave Selle- Dave Selle, Cinematographer, Location Scout

Dave Selle a cinematographer and producer is known for the films “Sudden Death!” (2010), “The Bill Collector” (2010) and “Gerald“ (2010). He also worked in various capacities on multiple television series including “Alaska: Ice Cold Killers” (2014),“Ice Road Truckers” (2013) and “Descending into Darkness” (2009). Selle has also taught Cinematography at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Being Alaska grown, Selle has a comprehensive understanding of the region.


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