Zipper Installation: Spring Packraft Series


5th Class in the Spring Packraft Series

Instructor: Bruce Campbell

Building your own packraft?

If you have a new kit, or if you are restarting a kit you started and set aside, this class sequence is intended to include one or all the steps you may need to successfully complete your project. You can learn to heat seal TPU coated fabric, make air-tight seams, as well as the sequence in which the packraft is assembled. Students can choose just the session they need to get started, a session where they last stopped, or the entire six session series. The series is designed to give you the skills to complete a packraft on your own.

Class #5: Zipper Installation

Zippers and valves need to be installed in the stern panels BEFORE they are attached to the craft. We will begin these installation steps in this class. Kippers and valves require a “gasket” or additional piece of fabric that is sealed to the stern panel. Making the thicker TPU parts air tight can benefit from expert eyes.

Zipper Installation: Spring Packraft Series