WEIO: Dena Games

The dates for this event have already occurred, please check back again for new dates.


March 14th - Snow Snake; 12pm-4pm -Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center 101 Dunkel St outside behind the building (Dress for the weather)

March 15th- Hand Games and Dena Stick Pull; 11am-3pm /Break/ 4pm-7pm- Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center 101 Dunkel St 

March 16th- Pop Scramble; 1:30pm (or immediately after the last team leaves)  - Jeff Studdert Race Grounds, 935 Farmers Loop Rd

March 17th- Snowshoe Race 1:30pm (or immediately after last team leaves) - Jeff Studdert Race Grounds, 935 Farmers Loop Rd (Traditional handmade snowshoes only)


These are some of the traditional games played by the indigenous, Dena (Athabascan), people of Interior Alaska, Canada and the Northern Lower 48 states.

The March 14-17, 2024 Dena Games sponsored by WEIO are open to everyone regardless of ethnicity and all events are free to participants and observers.

WEIO: Dena Games