Week in the Woods


Are you looking for a truly unique Alaskan adventure?

Spend 6 days in the remote boreal forest outside of Fairbanks learning traditional hands-on crafts and exploring forest ecology with a host of talented instructors.

Practice carving, birch bark basket-making, outdoor skills, woodworking, natural history, and more while camping in the Alaskan wilderness.

During Week in the Woods, students of all ages explore old and new techniques from many cultures to create fun and useful creations from materials found in the forest. As part of this process participants will go on frequent guided excursions, learning to recognize the unique characteristics of forest types, flora and fauna of the boreal landscape, and the influences of history on forest dynamics.

Leave the hectic, media driven, everyday world behind and step into a quieter existence for a short week – experiencing the connection between natural history and the creative process. As a group we will work toward building an intimate relationship with the environment around us through exploration, experimentation, craft, and play – thereby becoming better stewards of the land that supports us.

We welcome families and individuals and also offer continuing education credits for educators through UAF.

Dates and times: Friday, June 21, 3:00 pm – Wednesday, June 26, 4:00 pm, 2024

Week in the Woods