Nenana Bridges Festival


To Alaskans Statewide:


The Nenana Bridges Festival is celebrating the many bridges in Nenana, including our most recently finished bridge that connects to Agricultural land. The greater purpose of this festival is to "bridge the gap" between all Alaskans. There are many families throughout Alaska that depend on income to meet their family needs from bazaars, fairs, and festivals.  Many also depend on income from tourism. Due to unfortunate circumstances where events could not uphold unforeseen mandates and guidelines, almost all of these events had to be cancelled this year. We recognize that it has affected many Alaskan businesses in a way that has gone unnoticed by many. That is why we, as a board of members from organizations around Nenana and the Mayor of Nenana, have taken upon ourselves to set up a festival to meet all State and CDC guidelines.

We are providing a safe environment including, but not limited to, hand sanitizers, face masks, one way traffic, social distancing of booths, etc. The festival will take place in a secure gated area where sanitation can take place each day after the public leaves. It will be a safe environment where people can get out, interact through social distancing, and an opportunity for local Alaskan businesses to provide for themselves and their families. We hope that those who are able, can come together to support one another as we face perhaps one of the most difficult years that we have ever gone through as a state, and as a world in general.

We hope to make this a fun and exciting event for our state and Alaskan vendors. We are limited to 250 spaces, so please sign up as soon as possible to reserve your spot! We have tried to keep the price as low as possible to cover expenses and for all vendors to have an opportunity to be successful during these challenging times. If you cannot cover the cost of the festival, we ask that you turn to family and friends to sponsor you. If you know of Alaskan businesses that could use this opportunity, please share. If you know of people who can participate and attend, please share. We need Alaskans help everywhere! We need to instill hope in Alaskan's future. If you know of someone who can help sponsor this event, please share. If there is not enough interest in the event, we have set a cancellation date for July 15th, 2020 with a full refund to all participants. We are making information available as quickly as we can.


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Nenana Bridges Festival