Letterboxing: Artist Treasure Hunting!


Instructor: Elizabeth Eero Irving

Letterboxing is a world-wide treasure hunt for craft-loving people of all ages.

Participants seek out hidden books and hand-carved stamps cleverly hidden in waterproof containers by following clues. Clues are shared on websites, newsletters and by word of mouth. Started by a group of friends in a park in England in 1850, Letterboxing now spans the entire globe–every continent, country, state and city. But–it’s still a secret! Letterboxing is crafty, adventurous, and very sneaky!

In this workshop, you’ll learn all about Letterboxing; how it’s done, where to find information, how to make a letterbox of your own, and how to share clues.

Once you become a Letterboxer, you can join in this fun, artistic, adventurous treasure hunt wherever you travel.

Letterboxing is fun for all ages. We’ll be using sharp linoleum carving tools, so ages 9 and up is best for this class. Ages 9-11 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Pre-registration required.

Letterboxing: Artist Treasure Hunting!
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  • The Folk School
  • $33 (members); $50 (non-members)