Introduction to Spinning – Fiber Festival


Fairbanks Fiber Festival Class

Instructor: Susan Willsrud

Tuesday & Thursday, October 8 & 10, 2019
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm both days

Learn how to create your own yarn! No previous experience is necessary.

These classes will introduce students to spinning yarn on a spinning wheel. The classes will cover an overview of how the spinning wheel works, preparing fiber for spinning, how to spin a continuous yarn and how to create a 2-ply yarn. Students will develop the foundation of experience needed to go on to become a versatile spinner.

Students Should Bring: A functional spinning wheel and 3 bobbins (minimum).

Wheel Rental Option: Calypso has spinning wheels (with bobbins) available for rental during the class. Rental cost is $20. Students will need to provide a valid credit card number as a deposit for the wheel. Please reserve your wheel early to insure availability by emailing Susan at calypsosusan@gmail.com.

Location: Pioneer Park - Cabin 66 - Front Room

Pre-registration required.

For details and registration, please visit:

Introduction to Spinning – Fiber Festival