Hoarfrost Distilliing presents "SPEAKEASY NIGHT"


Hoarfrost Distilling presents: Speakeasy Night.

What happens in the speakeasy, stays in the speakeasy.

Prohibition ended when the Volstead Act was repealed on 5 Dec 1933. Hoarfrost will be celebrating own Speakeasy night this year on Saturday, Dec 7.

Join us in our "secret" tasting room where our flapper bartenders will be serving special period cocktails behind a privacy screen so that John Q Law can't see what's really going on. What happens in the speakeasy stays in the speakeasy!

We are celebrating the end of Prohibition by reconstructing that period in American history in our tasting room. Come in costume (period dress up), use the code words from the secret menu to order, have an hors d'oeuvre or two, and try your hand at Prohibition era trivia and participate in our historical reconstruction.

Prohibition menu - have a nice glass of milk or hot coffee (wink). Learn the password to order our secret special.  Break out you Prohibition threads and join us for an elegant night of revelry and hot jazz.  Hors d'oeuvres, Cocktail Trivia, Photo Booth, Secret Menu and Flappers.  For more info, find Hoarfrost Distilling on
Facebook or Instragram @hoarfrostdistilling or give us a call.

Hoarfrost Distilliing presents "SPEAKEASY NIGHT"
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