Fairbanks Arts First Friday: Wayne Jex and Cynthia West


Explore the art of Wayne Jex (Photographer) and Cynthia West (Painter). Don't forget to check out the work of the Gift Shop Artist of the Month, Brianna Reagan, who is also the featured artist of the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, and the Watercolor Corner Artist Gael Murakami.

Wayne Jex says of his photographs, “A long-time friend who has seen a lot of my photography told me that I 'do serenity well.' I hope that is one thing that comes through in most of my images – at least a momentary respite from these troubled times.”

Cynthia West is a life-long Alaskan and part of five generations who have called Fairbanks home. She thrives outdoors surrounded by nature. This is where she is able to replenish her creative spirit and find inspiration for her art. Cynthia is fascinated with organic, natural shapes and is delighted by the endless beauty and inspiration found outdoors.

Fairbanks Arts First Friday: Wayne Jex and Cynthia West
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  • Bear Gallery (3rd Floor, Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts), Pioneer Park
  • FREE