DIY Fire Tonic


Instructor: Homyna Curiel

Never heard of Fire Tonic or Cider before?
Fire Tonic is a vinegar tincture made with spicy, tangy, pungent and intense ingredients like onions, garlic, lemons, peppers, and herbs that is considered a traditional remedy for minimizing the duration of a cold or flu. Just like a tincture, the ingredients impart their beneficial compounds to the vinegar base and then finally stores well so that we can take it in a concentrated dose of plant compounds at our leisure! It’s vinegar, on steroids.

We’ll be creating our very own fire tonics out of ingredients provided for the participants. We will also be talking about popular health and supplement misconceptions and key concepts that get pretty confused in the tangle of internet influencers, our own illiteracy, and our hopes and fears in attempting to optimize our biology and knowledge of it.

Location: Pioneer Park - Cabin 66 - Back Room

Pre-registration required.

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DIY Fire Tonic