Clay Time

  • Presented By: The Folk School
  • Dates: July 8, 2019
  • Location: The Folk School
  • Address: 2300 Airport Way, Cabin 66, Fairbanks, AK 99701
  • Phone: (907) 457-1219
  • Time: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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Instructor: Sara Hensel

Weekdays, July 8 – 19, 2019
Time of the class: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Ages 11-18

Location: Pioneer Park - Cabin 66 - Back Room

Ceramics is a powerful medium, rich in history, expression, and utility. This ten day clay course for middle and high-school age students (11-18 years old) is for artists who are interested in developing technique and conceptual content in their ceramic work. This structured class will provide LOTS of hands-in-clay time. We will progress through projects geared toward acquiring techniques and building confidence with this inimitable material.

Each day will have a warm up, a technical demonstration, and often a short lecture during work time. Project assignments will challenge students to nurture an artistic vocabulary of both of words and imagery. We will cover many methods including pinching, coiling, slab-rolling, mark-making, and texture application. During work time, we will take the opportunity to discuss ceramics through history, contemporary ceramics, and ceramics processes and materials. Additionally, because the ceramics studio kiln room is usually a black box into which your work disappears “green” and reappears fired, I want to demystify the firing process and empower students to ask questions about exactly how a mud can become a stone, and what that means on a deeper level. We will also talk about artistic critique, and how being able to give and take critique gracefully is a crucial life skill.

Clay TimeThe class will culminate in an art show and artist showcase the following week on Friday, July 26, in which students will get to display their pieces and speak briefly about their work. I will provide snacks and beverages. I encourage friends and families to attend and bear witness to some awesome young artists. After the show, students may take their work home.

Clay Time