Carve a Paddle


Instructor: Andy Reynolds

Saturday and Sunday, December 7 & 8, 2019
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm both days

Every student in this class will start with a 5-7 foot long piece of locally grown and milled spruce (2×4, 2×6, or 2×8 lumber), and lay out a pattern from a template or a custom design of their own. Next, with a bandsaw, drawknife, spokeshave, carving knife, or gouge, rasps, files, and sandpaper they will transform plain lumber into a canoe, kayak, or SUP paddle.

Use of each of the tools will be demonstrated by the instructor and put into practice by the students, along with guidance in reading and understanding wood grain, and how wood grain effects tool technique. The goal is a paddle ready for an oil or varnish finish by the end of the class, which most or all students will achieve.

Age range: Ages 18 and up (15-17 welcome with a co-learning adult also registered in the class)

Cost: $100

Materials fee: $15

Location: Pioneer Park - Workshop

Pre-registration required. Please register by two days before the class begins, registration will be closed after this time.

For details and registration, please visit:

Carve a Paddle