Build a Traditional Komatik (Sledge) Using Natural Knees


3 Session Course
Instructor: John Manthei

Wednesday, May 17, & Saturday & Sunday, June 3 & 4, 2023
May 17th: 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm; June 3 & 4: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Wooden komatiks, or sledges, have been around for well over a thousand years and are still quite common today. The basic design has changed little over the years and their capacity and utility is remarkable. As they are most commonly found in the open country of the arctic, they were usually quite wide and up to 18 feet long. Here in the forested interior we make them narrower (20” to 24”) and shorter (12’ or less). They are still used for hauling boats, firewood, ice for water, fuel barrels, harvested game, mobile camps, entire families, and even scientific equipment. Now most are hauled behind snow machines, but not long ago it was dogs doing the hauling and in rare cases reindeer and even people.

Komatiks can and should be made to best suit one’s needs. In our first meeting, which will be a couple of weeks before we start construction, we will discuss some of the more common komatik designs, each decide on one, and then select the knees that best serve our purposes. From each persons’ concept we will make a materials list and then each person will need to round up those materials before we begin construction.

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Build a Traditional Komatik (Sledge) Using Natural Knees