Botanical Bundle Dyeing Fiber Workshop


Bundle dyeing is a technique that involves wrapping fabric with plant materials, such as petals and leaves, and allowing their natural pigments to infuse the fiber. In this process, the fabric is tightly bundled with various plant materials, natural dye extracts, and fresh flowers, then steamed to transfer the natural pigments to the fabric. Vivid colors and intricate patterns are created, making each piece a unique work of art.

This style of dyeing can be applied to cellulose and protein fibers and utilized in various ways, such as bundle dyeing skeins to use later in a weave or knit. This is an excellent natural dye skill to add to your current fiber arts rituals or techniques and a wonderful first step into the natural dye world as a beginner.

In this workshop, each participant will dye their own large habotai silk scarf to be worn or used as an adornment in any way you like!

Botanical Bundle Dyeing Fiber Workshop