Baby Mingle Wednesdays


Baby Mingle Wednesdays!

Who can come? new or returning caregivers (new parents, grandparents, nannies, foster parents, etc) and babies (1 MOS - 2YR)

What is the purpose of this program? to meet, mingle & generate friendships with other caregivers & share milestone stories with the group. To learn new developments in early childhood education, take home resources from community partners, & for your babies to play, all in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

*unfortunately, we are unable to provide older sibling childcare at this time, but feel free to come at 10 am to meet the community sponsor and check out the resources available at that time and to play at the museum!
**We DO provide many programs for children in overlapping age groups, check out our programs page to see what is available. https://www.fairbankschildrensmuseum.com/programs-workshops

Activities include: early museum open time, visiting practitioners, quiet-intimate environment, & baby playtime!

Day/time: The First Wednesday of every month Oct-May. 9:15-10:15 (before the museum OPENS!)

Community partners include: FMH, TVC, Thrive, RCPC, ACRF and more!

Join us on the following dates:
October 4- community partner from Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
November 1- FAIRBANKS CHILDRENS MUSEUM special baby art
December 6- community partner from Thrivalaska
January 3- community partner from Fairbanks Public Health
February 7- community partner from Resource Center for Parents and Children
March 7- community partner from Resource Center for Parents and Children
April 4- community partner from Alaska Center for Resource Families
May 2- community partner New Parent Support, Fort Wainwright

Baby Mingle Wednesdays