Art in the Weeds

  • Dates: May 8, 2018 - May 26, 2018
  • Recurrence: Recurring weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Location: Ursa Major Distilling
  • Address: 2922 Parks Highway, Fairbanks, AK 99709
  • Time: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Price: Free

Art from the collection of Deirdre Helfferich and Hans Moelders: Weeds are plants whose good qualities are not recognized yet, tough wild plants that grow without coddling, in the cracks and crannies of the world and in spite of attempts to root them out. They will thrive anywhere, and like this art and these artists, they inspire the creation of more art and the expression of life and exuberance in the midst of hard times. The first dandelions blooming in the spring are like good friends come again, and it’s hard to see them go. Most of the artists represented in this collection are personal friends, a few just had art that appealed to us at that moment. The work represents a wide range of media, but are primarily collages, sculptures, and paintings created by the collectors. Most were made in Ester and Fairbanks over the last 20 years, others older, made in the 1990s and in places as far-flung as Paris or Seattle. Art, like friendships and weeds, sprouts up everywhere, and we are sure to collect and create more.

Art in the Weeds
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  • Ursa Major Distilling
  • Free
  • Recurring weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday