Fairbanks is the home of the 2016 World Ice Art Championships, the largest ice sculpting competition in the world. Held annually since 1988, the World Ice Art Championships has grown to a month-long event featuring more than 90 teams from around the world. Approximately 45,000 visitors come to the ice art park to watch sculptors work around the clock to turn solid blocks of ice into art. Sculptors use over four million pounds of "Arctic Diamond" ice which is harvested from a large pond nearby. Arctic Diamond ice freezes quickly and thickly in Alaska’s Interior and is clear enough to read a newspaper through a four-foot ice block. The blocks measure 3’ x 8’ x 5’ and weigh four to five tons. The finished sculptures in the MultiBlock Classic contest can weigh as much as 20 tons and be up to 25 feet tall. Competitions will include the Single Block Classic, the Multi-Block Classic, the Amateur Open for novices to try out their skills and the Youth Classic for high school students. The theme for the 27th Annual World Ice Art Championships, which runs through March 27th, is “Drive on.”