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Historically, there has been a fine balance through time between traditional values and modern demands of Alaska Natives and other indigenous peoples with regards to land claims, oil discovery, natural resource development, local employment, subsistence and health care as examples of self-determination.

The 42 villages of Interior Alaska are represented by the Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) which administers the health and social service needs of its people. TCC incorporated Doyon, Limited as its for-profit corporation to make money for shareholders.

The TCC region covers an area equal to 37% of the state of Alaska, just slightly smaller than Texas. The agency's main office in Fairbanks, with villages organized into six subregions. The region covers an ear that is close to 37% of the state of Alaska, just slightly smaller than Texas. The region has a population of over 86,000 with 10,000 Alaska Native. Of the 10,000, about one-half live in Fairbanks.

Operations include subregional offices, and in Fairbanks, the Chief Andrew Issac Health Center, counseling center, dental clinic, eye clinic and other services.

Village economy is primarily subsistence (hunting, fishing and gathering), with unemployment, annual income and cost of living dramatically higher than in the urban areas. Only nine of the villages have road accessibility with the balance accessible by air (or by river briefly in the summer season).

Doyon, Limited, as the for-profit corporation with more than 17,500 shareholders, is the largest private landowner in Alaska, with more than 12.5 million acres allocated to the corporation. As one of the top 10 Alaska-owned businesses, Doyon operates a diverse portfolio of businesses across the nation in the areas of oil field services, utility management, security, engineering management, land and natural resource development, facility management, construction and tourism.

Visitors can explore this region in a number of ways. Bush mail flights fly from Fairbanks daily delivering goods and services. Private tour companies offer group tour experiences year-round with activities varying by season. Individual villages and small business owners offer guided tours, lodging and activities accessed by road, air or river.