WildlifeWhere the Wild Things Are

With viewing, comes etiquette. Staying on designated trails is a good first step. Binoculars also allow you a great viewing experience while giving wildlife plenty of space. Resist the temptation to do anything to change their behavior. Tossing rocks, sharing your sandwich, tromping around to get photos in nesting areas, bringing unrestrained dogs or causing any animal alarm may start out innocently, but may end in a bad experience for all.

One of the closest places to downtown Fairbanks to see wildlife is Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge, an 1,800-acre refuge and an excellent place to see migrating birds (along with moose) including sandhill cranes, Canadian geese, pintails and golden plovers. Red polls, owls, ravens and chickadees make their home there year-round. Nature walks, well-maintained trails and tours are available.