DenaliJust a short drive away

Discover the best of what Denali has to offer. One of Alaska's most popular destinations is an easy 2-hour drive or 4-hour train trip from Fairbanks. Larger than the state of Massachusetts, Denali National Park and Preserve is six million acres of pristine wilderness. Mt. McKinley, at 20,320 feet, dominates the park when visible. The varied terrain includes crystal clear rivers, mountain lakes, expansive tundra, alpine meadows, sweeping vistas and abundant wildlife. Visitor services are available along the Parks Highway, near the park entrance, at campgrounds and visitor centers, in Kantishna and in remote lodges. Activities, dining, shopping, lodging, services and means of transportation are as varied as our travelers.

did you know

  • Duct tape is a versatile source of repair used by many Alaskans. You can use it to repair a ripped parka or broken fishing rod, repair a hole in your canoe or kayak, hold together a snowmobile cowling, or remove sled dog hair from your good clothes. It can be purchased in quantities locally.
  • Diamond Willow are diamond-shaped patterns in some willow trees caused by fungi, typically found and abundant in river valleys, like the Tanana Valley. Once stripped of its bark, diamond willow is used to make items such as lamps and walking sticks found in local gift shops.
  • During June, points on a moose's antlers grow over 1cm/day. One pound of antler can be added to a bull moose's head on a good day of growth.
  • The government built the 1,523-mile Alaska Highway through Canada into Alaska and into Fairbanks in just eight months as a World War II supply route.