Her Heavenly Glow02/14/2013 at 12:00 AM AKST

 I stood there frozen the first time I saw her, I remembered a friend mentioning a long time ago how magical and captivating she was. I thought to myself that he was building up an aura and trying to get me going. There was no way that I would fall for her like so many had before.

Oh how I was wrong, I reluctantly pull myself out of a trance in the window as I wait for her to come play. Constantly dreaming about her running through the snow covered trees or shyly shimmering on the hillside. I hope to catch her gaze on film as she delightfully dances on the roof at work in the midnight hours while no one is around.  I have touched the shoulder of the road trying to chase her as she runs past the pipeline and flees out of town leaving me wonderfully wishing for more.

I try not to let her steal my every moment wondering if I will see her or spend my time goofily gabbing about her to friends that roll their eyes thinking I am a mad man. And as this Valentine’s Day comes around, I wonder if she will appear to me in mesmerizing red wisps murmuring to me from her pearly perch as she tickles my thoughts with the name she was given…alas, I have fallen in love with the Aurora Borealis.

  • Happy Valentine's Day

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