Fairbanks Ranked #2 in Lonely Planet 2013 Top 10 US Destinations 12/05/2012 at 12:00 AM AKST

Today, the leading travel guide publisher and website Lonely Planet presented their annual Top 10 US Travel Destinations list and we are excited to announce that Fairbanks was selected as number two on this prestigious list! Fairbanks ranked high on the list of travel destinations thanks to a natural wonder, the aurora borealis and the peak of an 11 year solar cycle that results in spectacular northern lights displays.

“Each year, US-based editors team up with Lonely Planet’s expert authors to compile a list of US destinations that are prime for the next year,” said Robert Reid, Lonely Planet’s US Travel Editor, “We wanted to shine a light on 10 places in the US that travelers should add to their wish lists for the coming year. Our 2013 picks are literally all over the map: once-in-a-lifetime northern lights, new top-tier museums, moose trails, Polynesian paradise and barrels of bourbon. Enjoy, and send us a postcard!  Have you seen aurora borealis (aka the northern lights)? The sensation of seeing Arctic skies crackle with smoky blues, greens and reds has long drawn off-season travelers way north. 2013 will be big, marking the end of a fiery 11-year-cycle, when sunspots are particularly feisty, making for a big show in the Fairbanks sky 240 nights a year. Go.”

The annual Lonely Planet Top US Destinations list is compiled by Lonely Planet’s editors and authors. Mr. Reid said that the choices are not based on where travelers are already going but rather are “our pick of where we believe travelers really should consider visiting in 2013.” We are so pleased that Fairbanks received this wonderful honor and look forward to welcoming guests in search of the aurora each and every year.

Here is the entire list for 2013:

1.    Louisville, KY
2.    Fairbanks,  AK
3.    San Juan Islands, WA
4.    Philadelphia, PA
5.    American Samoa
6.    Eastern Sierras, CA
7.    Northern Maine, ME
8.    Twin Cities, MN
9.    Verde Valley, AZ
10.    Glacier National Park, MT

The Top US Destinations list is among the top read articles on lonelyplanet.com every year.  The website receives over 12m unique visitors each month. Lonely Planet also has over 925,000 Facebook fans (facebook.com/lonelyplanet) and 914,000 Twitter followers (@lonelyplanet) & www.lonelyplanet.com.

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