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Where not to spray bug spray.
DEET in the deep woods can destroy a good T-shirt stencil. Aim for the cloth parts.

Get a life jacket that fits.
You won’t wear it if it is uncomfortable or looks stupid. Get a good one. It is a cheap investment that will save your life.

Mosquitoes like red.
My own field experiments have ridded my closet of any and all red work shirts worn outdoors.

The advantages of always having a folding chair along.
Do you really want to sit on the cold, hard, damp, muddy, or rock-laden ground? I don’t.

Trust the guides who are teaching you to gold pan.
They know what they are doing and they need for you to find that gold. Bad for business if you get skunked.

Put your rubber boots on before you need them.
Many a time it seems that I should have had them on.

There is a difference between strike-on-the-box and strike-anywhere matches.
Sort of a challenge when you grab the matches and don’t have the box anywhere in sight and they are the wrong kind.

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