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Watch how you walk.
It may sound ridiculous but orient your step more forward than backward. Once you get back on those heels, well, it may be a bit icy and well, bam, down you go.

Don’t wear flip flops outside.
No one told me they would operate like skis on a snow-covered parking lot to the untrained flatlander.

Bring lots and change your sox.
Sweaty feet get cold so don’t let them.

Who cares if your hair is a mess? Wear the hat.
Being warm is not a fashion statement. Just practical. Find a good knit hat, one with the non-itchy insides otherwise you will find yourself scratching and not wearing it.

Those thin stretchy one-size fits all brightly colored gloves are only good for one thing.
They sure don’t keep your hands warm, but worn under some mitts, they are great for when you need to pull your hand out and do something that requires dexterity.

Always pack the sunglasses and the sunscreen (or sun scream if not).
Reflectivity of ice and snow is hard on your eyes and your skin. Keep packed at all times. Don’t make the mistake of leaving them in the car like we have and heading out to the glaciers.

I believe in scarves.
Any and all cold air will find its way around your collar and down into what used to be a warm zone. Again, find something that doesn’t itch or a miserable situation you’ve created.

You really do need to stay up late to see the aurora.
Night owls have no problem, the rest of us, well, you best take a nap.

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